We are very excited to announce the newly elected slate of Northlea’s School Council and Home & School Association Executive.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed so much of their time and will be retiring from their positions: Wilmar Kortleever, Communications Chair; Nicole Cooper, Recording Secretary; Roger Guttormson, Policy Chair; Kristin Ballard, Kindergarten Chair; Min Ming Zhou, Welcome Back Barbecue Chair; and Alanna Cushing, Family Fun Night Chair.

We are thrilled to have many continuing on with their duties and some taking on new roles!

We would also like to welcome those who are new to the team, namely Sarah Andersen, Christina Snelson, Allison Wesley and Shannon Chaplin!

Looking forward to a great 2017/18 school year!  Have a great summer and we will see you in September!  Arti & Amy

  • Arti Panday & Amy White – President/Co-Chairs
  • Sarah Andersen – Vice Chair
  • Jenn Adziovsky, Rachel Chernos-Lin, Alexis De Castro & Kara Kane – Past-President/Chairs
  • Allison Wesley – Recording Secretary
  • Sharon Krieger & Angie Kalentzis – Co-Treasurers
  • Rachel Chernos-Lin & Christina Snelson – Communications Chairs
  • Monika Scholte – Extra-Curricular Chair
  • Natasha Kent, Sarah Andersen & Jenn Adziovsky – Welcome Back Barbeque Chairs
  • Heidi Bajcar & Angie Kalentzis  – Appreciation Events Chairs
  • Betheney Maheu – Policy Chair
  • Kara Kane – Campaign Fundraising Chair
  • Val Cooke – Kiss’n’Ride Program Chair
  • Shannon Chaplin – Kindergarten Rep
  • Vacant – FFN Chairs
  • Vacant – Date Knight Chair