Greetings Families/Students/Teachers of Grades 6/7/8

We are pleased to announce that we are bringing back the program starting after March break at the corner of Rumsey and Divadale (for now!)

Here is the website that explains in full what the program consists of:

As you well know, the traffic around school has increased significantly and we do not have crossing guards at all intersections. The patrollers are a great addition to the pedestrian safety. As well as helping keep our students safe, the patrollers have an opportunity to contribute to the community and demonstrate leadership skills.

We will be having a student training session on March 5th from 2:30-3:30pm and are hoping to see some returning faces as well as new ones!

Should your student wish to participate, you will be required to sign a consent form. Please return it to the office by Friday March 2nd. The students cannot attend the training session unless a consent form has been submitted.


In order for the student foot patrol program to run, we will also require parent volunteers to supervise.  Please let Valerie Cooke know if you are interested.

Thanks everyone and stay safe!

Valerie Cooke
Northlea Safety Committee