The Northlea Home & School Association requires online sign-up for all communications. Please read the information below, fill out the online forms and make sure your family stays informed!

Complete All Online Forms Here!

It is very important that all Northlea families complete the online sign-up by Friday, September 14th, 2018.

The permission to contact section has two main purposes:

  1. Class Lists: Class Parents use the information to compile ‘Class Lists’. These are circulated among parents/caregivers (for playdates, sharing homework materials, etc), and they are used to distribute important and timely class and grade-specific updates.
  2. Regular updates: The vast majority of school information at Northlea is now distributed electronically – some by the school directly and some by the Home & School Association, together with the Northlea School Council.

For us to send you these updates, we need your permission to do so. Even if you are currently receiving our updates, you must still fill out the 2018 online forms! We are currently using last year’s list (plus manual additions), but we will soon move over to a new master list for the current school year.

If you do not sign up, you will not receive (or will stop receiving) important school-related parent information and class parents will not be able to include you on the class lists.

In addition, we kindly ask all families to take up a Home and School Membership.
Through association with the Ontario Federation of Home & School Associations (OFHSA), members have all the rights and privileges offered, including liability insurance for our volunteer-members at H&S-sanctioned events.

Most Northlea fundraising is done by the H&S. Last year, funds raised were allocated to various proposals, submitted by parents, teachers and administrators, to the benefit of all Northlea students. For example, money was allocated to bring in Scientists in the School programming, arts performances, towards the purchase of new technology and much, much more.

The H&S organizes a number of events, such as the upcoming Welcome Back BBQ, staff appreciation days, Family Fun Night and parent engagement events. Approximately six topic-based informative meetings throughout the year provide parents with an opportunity for dialogue with the School Administration, teacher representatives and parents on all school aspects.

Should you have any questions regarding the new online forms, please do not hesitate to contact the H&S at

We thank everyone in advance for their cooperation in filling out these forms by Friday, Sept. 14th.

Complete All Online Forms Here!