The Northlea Home and School Association would like to welcome all Northlea families back to our monthly Pizza Lunch Program. Pizza lunch is a school fundraiser and one that is lots of fun!! The program is fully managed by parent volunteers. All profits from pizza lunch go to Northlea’s Home and School Association.

Pizza lunch will be held on the last Thursday of the month (or adjusted for breaks, holiday’s or other school events). All grades will enjoy eating with their classmates in the gym at 11:35am.
Please refer to the order form or website for the scheduled pizza lunch dates.

Pricing and choices

Students will have the option to choose either cheese or pepperoni – not both.
It is the same price for cheese or pepperoni. A healthy veggie or fruit and a treat will be offered. Families cannot choose which dates to participate. The package prices includes pizza lunch for the year.


In an effort to be eco-friendly we ask that each child bring their water bottle to the pizza lunch. The lunch room baskets will be used to ensure that all bottles are returned to each student.


We will collect pizza lunch forms over the next week. Sign up for pizza lunch is online at: . Please ensure that sign up is completed by EOD Friday September 21, 2018.

Sign-up Pizza Lunch Online Now

Hard copies of the order forms are available to download here. Copies are also kept in the office if required.

As in prior years, we are offering an installment plan. This can only be done via cheque. Please send in two cheques with your form – one dated for September and one for February. The amounts will be the total for the year equally divided.

If finances present a barrier to involvement, please speak with either Ms. Sandler, Mr. Sanders, or Ms. Berger. The discussion will be held in confidence.

The Honour System

Please keep a record of your order. We rely on an ‘honour” system to distribute the correct number of slices to each child. We find that may kids forget how many slices they have ordered. We kindly ask you to remind them of their order. Have your order handy or make a note of it in your child’s agenda, so you can refer to it throughout the year. We will send reminders of the pizza lunch dates via the weekly email. We would also appreciate if parents could have a talk with kids about respectful use of the space and food as we have had some incidences of food being thrown at each other and on floor and wastage.

KIDS helping KIDS

To promote “kids helping kids” we welcome student volunteers from Grade 6, 7 and 8. Information as to how the volunteer process will work will be communicated the week of September 10th.

We make every effort to ensure that all students who sign up have an opportunity to volunteer at least once during the school year.

Please Note:

We are unable to accommodate:
– Individual lunch make ups
– Refunds


Parent volunteers are VERY much needed to make this program run as smooth as can be. Please find the link to the online sign up via Sign Up Genius:

We kindly ask you to take a minute to please check your schedules and choose a date(s) that work best for you to lend us a hand. The kids are always so excited to see mom, dad, grandparents and nannies serving pizza and it will only take 1 hour of your time!

Choose one of our four lunch package options with one, two or three pizza slices, and our Family Break option for the third or fourth child in a family. All packages include pizza, a fruit or veggie and a nut free dessert.

Please choose one of the following packages, go online to the link noted above or complete the attached forms and return form and payment to your child’s teacher no later than: Friday, September 21st.

Package #1 10 lunches – 1 pizza slice, 1 fruit/veggie, 1 dessert $50.00
Package #2 10 lunches – 2 pizza slices,1 fruit/veggie, 1 dessert $60.00
Package #3 10 lunches – 3 pizza slices, 1 fruit/veggie, 1 dessert $70.00
Package #4 FAMILY BREAK – (*third or more children *specify number of slices *applies to youngest child(ren) $40.00

**Gluten free and Dairy free options are available. Please contact Natasha Kent directly at for more information.

2018/19 Pizza Lunch Calendar

Sept 27, Oct 25, Nov 29, Dec 13, Jan 31, Feb 28, Mar 28, Apr 25, May 30, Jun 20

PLEASE NOTE: Children will not be allowed to participate in pizza lunch unless payment has been received in full. Please return forms and payment no later then due date to avoid disappointment.