Please join Rachel Chernos-Lin, Trustee, Ward 11 Don Valley West at the Joint Ward Forum on Thursday, March 28, 7pm at Cosburn Middle School 7:00pm-9:00pm
Topic: “Finding the Balance: When ‘healthy’ eating and exercise puts your child at risk”
How do messages about health impact your children and families? Join our panel as they share their perspectives on navigating messaging about health, recognizing when eating and exercise behaviours may be harmful, and learning how to support young people who have a challenging relationship with food, exercise and body image. We will hear from parents, clinicians, and individuals with lived experience of an eating disorder. This panel is open to all family members who have an interest in learning more about food and weight preoccupation, disordered eating, and supporting healthy lifestyles within their families.
Guest Speakers: A panel comprised of parents, doctors, therapists and staff from the National Eating Disorder Information Centre at Toronto General Hospital.