Welcome to Northlea School! From the Northlea Home and School Association and Northlea School Council

Northlea has has two parent organizations, The Northlea Home and School Association (“H & S”), as well as the Northlea School Council (“S/C”) that work closely in conjunction with the school administration, to consistently seek parent and teacher involvement during the year.

The following is an overview of the two groups

  • The Northlea H&S is primarily focused on fundraising. The H & S organizes fundraising events including pizza lunches, Spring Fling and the Dance-a-Thon, to name a few. 
  • The Northlea S/C focuses on issues related to school. The S/C liaises between parents and the school on a variety of issues such as curriculum and safety.

Together, these two organizations hold public meetings with our admin team approximately 6 times/year. We welcome volunteers and parent involvement at all levels, and hope to see many new and returning faces at our meetings this year.

The following material relates to information the H&S and S/C would like to share at the beginning of the school year and includes the following topics:

  • Welcome Back BBQ
  • H&S Membership
  • Fundraising at Northlea
  • Volunteers
  • Staying Informed- Provide consent for communications!

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Welcome Back BBQ

To kick off the school year, mark your calendars for the first event of the year, the Welcome Back BBQ. The BBQ will be held on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 where we look forward to catching up with friends and welcoming new families to the school. 

H&S Membership

We kindly ask all families to purchase a Home and School Membership annually with the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations (OFSHA). The annual $20 membership fee covers all family members in one household and provides liability insurance for volunteers at H&S events, access to publications for parents and other resources. 

We strongly recommend purchasing this membership if you plan to volunteer at any H&S events throughout the school year.

To join, submit your home and school payment online at https://www.northleaschool.ca/signup2019/  by September 30, 2019.

Fundraising at Northlea

The Northlea community has always been a strong supporter of fundraising events throughout the school year. This support assists the administration in providing Northlea with additional funding to enhance the school environment and activities. In fiscal 2018/2019, the Home and School Association presented the Northlea Administration with fundraising dollars to support the following:

  • Phase 1 of a new Kindergarten play space
  • Chromebooks
  • Library Technology
  • Scientist in the School and Logics Academy programs
  • Additional dance and drama programming
  • Water bottle refilling station
  • Lice checks
  • Kilometer Club
  • Enhanced equipment for the Knights TV Media Group
  • Forest of reading Program

These are all programs and activities that are possible due to your generous contributions. Thank you!

What’s New?

In fiscal 2019/2020, we will be piloting a new approach to our communication of fundraising events and the community’s decision on the direction of those fundraising funds.  

Fundraising Goals

The Home and School and Administration have determined the fiscal 2019/2020 fundraising goals to focus on four priorities. These priorities are:

  1. Technology & Collaborative Learning Spaces
  2. Literacy Resources
  3. Outdoor Learning – Front Yard Revitalization
  4. Artists in Residence 

All of our fundraising events will focus on these four priorities. 

Fundraising Calendar

The Home and School Association has put together a calendar of proposed fundraising events for the fiscal 2019/2010 calendar year to help provide more visibility into the events that will be run throughout the year. Please see the calendar attached for our proposed events that our Parent Community has been working on. This calendar will be posted on the H&S website, and will be updated and modified as needed. 

2019/2020 Northlea Fundraising Calendar

Month Fundraising Activity Description
September Pizza Lunch This event happens monthly, but sign-up for the entire year is performed in September. 
SPC Cards Student discount cards
Labels, Labels, Labels! Back to school personalized labels with the Northlea logo from My Label Factory.
November Date Knight Adult night out
February Dance-a-Thon- February 13, 2019 Valentine’s day themed event that is run during the school day. 
April Social Series (runs April through June) A lineup of events hosted by parents or teachers, some for kids, some for grown ups or the whole family. A great way to make friends and raise money for the school. (ex: Breakfast in your PJs, Floor Hockey, Lawn Bowling
May Acorn Cards Your child’s art for purchase


A fun fair event for the whole neighbourhood!

Spring Fling Spring community Fun Fair

*The calendar is subject to change. Any changes will be communicated. 

Direct School Donations

We recognize that some of our Northlea Community members would like to contribute to the school outside of the fundraising events, whether it’s because they aren’t able to attend the fundraising events, or they want to contribute additional funds to the school. The H&S has worked with the administration to offer the following donation options:

  • Payment by Cheque

Cheques must be made payable to: “TDSB c/o Northlea EMS”, and please write “Donation” on the memo line.  Use a sealed envelope marked “Direct School Donation- Northlea” and submit to Ms. Keith in the main office.  

  • Payment through School Cash Online 

Please use the NORTHLEA DONATION LINK to make your donation.  You can reference this STEP BY STEP GUIDE for quick instructions.

The full amount will be allocated to Northlea EMS.  All donations will receive a tax receipt. Your information will be available only to the School Administration. Please consider donating by September 30, 2019, so that the funds raised can be applied to programs in the 2019/2020 school year. 

Allocating Fundraising Dollars

The first H&S meeting will include a review of the budget for the fiscal 2019/2020 school year and a vote on where the fundraising event dollars should be distributed. Community members are invited to put forward proposals for consideration by the Northlea community. More information on this process and the date of the meeting will be shared in September.  


There are many ways to support Northlea that suit your availability and interests. As required by the Education Act, we annually elect the School Council committee members and elections are held at the end of the school year for the following school year. 

There are several positions that have not yet been filled. If you are interested in joining the team, we would be excited to have you. The following positions are open:

Position Short Description
Home and School Chair We are looking for someone interested in being the parent lead/chair for the home and school. This role works in collaboration with the administration to organize home and school meetings and share Northlea parent feedback with the administration. Don’t worry, you have a whole team behind you!
Kiss and Ride Co-Chair Looking for an individual interested in assisting with our student morning drop off program. 
Communication Co-Chair

Looking for a parent to help the team with weekly email communications and web/social content.

Yearbook Committee Parents interested in supporting the creation of the yearbook. 

For more information on the roles or to join our team, please contact  northleahomeandschool@gmail.com.

Stay Informed…Meetings, Bulletins and Instagram

The Northlea Home and School Association requires online sign-up for all communications. Please read the information below, fill out the online forms and make sure your family stays informed!

These forms can be found at: https://www.northleaschool.ca/signup2019/ 

It is very important that all Northlea families complete the online sign-up by Friday, September 13th , 2018.

The permission to contact section has two main purposes:

1.Class Lists: Class Parents use the information to compile ‘Class Lists’. These are circulated among parents/caregivers (for playdates, sharing homework materials, etc), and they are used to distribute important and timely class and grade-specific updates.

  1. Regular updates: The vast majority of school information at Northlea is now distributed electronically.

Important note: Even if you are currently receiving our updates, you must still fill out the 2019 online forms as this is an annual confirmation process.

Should you have any questions regarding the new online forms, please do not hesitate to contact the H&S at homeandschool@northleaschool.ca 

Additional information channels include H&S meetings which are an interactive session for parents to learn of H&S initiatives and events, reconciliation of the budgets, and how to be involved. The meetings will be posted to the school calendar in the fall. Stay tuned!

We are online!  www.northleaschool.ca has all the information you need about our activities. We also have Twitter @Northlea_HandS, Instagram @northlea_hands and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/northleahomeandschool/ accounts to help you keep informed.

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