In fiscal 2019/2020, we are piloting a new approach to our fundraising proposal process where we will be determining our fundraising priorities at the beginning of the school year. Fundraising proposals will be reviewed and voted on in our November Home and School Meeting which will allow the Home and School Committee to align our fundraising events with the school’s funding needs as determined by the Home and School Membership.  

We are currently accepting proposals for Home and School funds. In past years we have funded instruments, guest speakers, the purchase of technology, playgrounds, and much more. New proposals for spending the monies raised in 2019/2020 are now welcome, and due no later than November 15, 2019. All information (instructions and form) can be found: Funding Proposal Form.

We encourage proposals to be submitted as early as possible as the Home and School Executive’s first review of proposals.  This provides individuals with submissions an opportunity to revise the proposal, should there be questions of clarifications required. 

All Northlea parents, and caregivers are invited to the Home and School funding allocation meeting on Monday, November 25th @ 6:30 PM where they can vote on which proposals they would most like to see funded.

In fiscal 2018/2019, the Home and School Association (“H&S”) presented the Northlea Administration with fundraising dollars to support the following:

  • Phase 1 of a new Kindergarten play space
  • Chromebooks
  • Library Technology
  • Scientist in the School and Logics Academy programs
  • Additional dance and drama programming
  • Water bottle refilling station
  • Lice checks
  • Kilometre Club
  • Enhanced equipment for the Knights TV Media Group
  • Forest of Reading Program