This is a special launch day for the Northlea Family Fun-Raising Photo Challenge! Which starts RIGHT NOW!

Fundraising with our Northlea families has always been a fun way to engage with each other throughout the school year.  Although this year’s fundraising activities will look different, the Northlea Home and School still has plans to help keep families engaged through “fun-raising”. 
Each month the Home and School will share details of an entertaining, family challenge or event to keep our community connected and having fun! 

This month’s challenge is the Family Photo Challenge

Take a photo of your family:

  1. Showing their Northlea spirit
  2. In a tree, with a tree or like a tree
  3. All dressed in sports jerseys
  4. Enjoying your favourite game
  5. Making a shape
  6. On a slide 
  7. Upside down 
  8. All in the same colour 
  9. Jumping in the air
  10. Through a reflection 

The themed photos can be taken at home, and/or in the community. Small prizes will be awarded for:

  1. Fastest complete submission
  2. Most creative photo  
  3. Most spirited photo

Submit entries until Tuesday, November 17th at 9am by visiting: