Welcome to Northlea School From the Northlea Home and School Association and Northlea School Council.

Northlea has two parent organizations, The Northlea Home and School Association (“H & S”), as well as the Northlea School Council (“S/C”) that work closely in conjunction with the school administration, to consistently seek parent and teacher involvement during the year.

  • The Northlea H&S is primarily focused on fundraising. The H & S organizes fundraising events including (last year that included masks sales and super fun couch parties). 
  • The Northlea School Coucil (S/C) focuses on issues related to school. The S/C liaises between parents and the school on a variety of issues such as curriculum and safety.

Together, these two organizations hold public meetings with our admin team approximately 6 times/year. We welcome volunteers and parent involvement at all levels, and hope to see many new and returning faces at our meetings this year.

Stay Informed…Class Lists, Couch Parties, Meetings, Newsletters!

The Northlea Home and School Association requires online sign-up for all communications including those very valuable Class Lists for staying in touch with classroom friends; old and new. Please start the sign up process by clicking below and make sure your family stays informed!

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It is very important that all Northlea families complete the online sign-up by Friday, October 8th, 2021. 

Important note: Even if you are currently receiving our updates, you must still fill out the 2021 online forms as this is an annual confirmation process.

Should you have any questions regarding the online forms, please do not hesitate to contact us at homeandschool@northleaschool.ca