We are so excited that Northlea Home and School Association is bringing back the Pizza Lunch Program! Pizza lunch is a school fundraiser and one that is lots of fun!! The program is fully managed by parent volunteers. All profits from pizza lunch go to Northlea’s Home and School Association.

Pizza Lunch Program

Pizza lunch will be held on May 27th and June 24th. All grades will enjoy eating with their classmates in their classrooms.

Students will have the option to choose either cheese or pepperoni – not both.
It is the same price for cheese or pepperoni and the cost includes both dates.


Sign up for pizza lunch is online at: 2022 Pizza Lunch Sign up Form . Forms are due by end of day Tuesday May 17, 2022.

Sign-up Pizza Lunch Online Now

Hard copies of the order forms are available in the office if required.

If finances present a barrier to involvement, please speak with either Ms. Sandler. The discussion will be held in confidence.

Please Note that we are unable to accommodate

  • Individual lunch make ups
  • Refunds

The Honour System

Please keep a record of your order. We rely on an ‘honour’ system to distribute the correct
number of slices to each child. We find that children may forget how many slices they have
ordered. We kindly ask you to remind them of their order. Thank you.

Pizza Options

Choose one of our packages with either one, two or three pizza slices and a nut free treat.

Package #1: 2 lunches – 1 pizza slice and a treat $8.00
Package #2: 2 lunches – 2 pizza slices and a treat $10.00
Package #3: 2 lunches – 3 pizza slices and a treat $12.00

Go online to the link noted above or complete the attached forms and return form and payment to your child’s teacher no later than Tuesday, May 17th.

**Gluten free and Dairy free options are available. Please contact Natasha Kent directly at n.stoddart@hotmail.com for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Children will not be allowed to participate in pizza lunch unless payment has been received in full. Please return forms and payment no later then due date to avoid disappointment.