We are excited to offer Welcome Back BBQ tickets for pre-order online! Have your kids be the first ones through the obstacle course, down the slides or have their faces painted by purchasing tickets in advance.

Purchase in Advance of the Big Night

Between Monday, September 26 and Wednesday, Septeber 28 (until 5pm), pre-order your tickets. Tickets can be picked up on the day of the BBQ from the ticket tables. Ticket sales are also available through:

  • Pre Purchase: tickets will be sold before and after school from Monday until Wednesday at the Spider Web. Cash is preferred. Tickets will be sold right after drop off and pick up
  • On-Site: on the night of the BBQ, tickets will be available for sale at our ticket tables from 4:45-7:45pm   


Tickets are $1 per ticket, sold in quantities of 10 ($10 for 10 tickets). You can order your tickets in the link below.

If finances present a barrier to involvement, please speak with Ms. Papadopoulos. The discussion will be held in confidence.