Tips for Success

Writing the Test

  • get a good night’s sleep
  • eat breakfast, lunch, snack…
  • come prepared with required material (calculator, pencil, eraser, protractor…)
  • skip questions that are difficult and go back to them later
  • have a positive attitude
  • don’t rush through it
  • read each question carefully
  • on a separate piece of paper write down everything you know (e.g. formulas)
  • always show your work (math/sci)
  • use part of the question in your answer
  • read over the whole test

  • don’t pull a late night/all nighter
  • break down into smaller chunks
  • keep distractions away (computer, TV, iPod…)
  • index cards (question one side, answer on the other; shuffle and ask yourself questions)
  • page method (key words/vocabulary on left side, definitions and explanations on the right side)
  • after making notes/questions get someone to ask you questions
  • take a 5 min break every 45-60 min
  • make a plan and stick to it

  • repeat it (7 times is best)
  • write it down
  • say it out loud
  • make a connection (or acronym)
  • combine some strategies
 Taking Notes

  • date and label all notes and handouts
  • organize jot notes, add more detail and organize handouts that night
  • underline key words
  • make notes on one paragraph at a time
 Reading Textbooks

  • scan one section/chapter at a time
  • read headings and sub-headings
  • read graphs, diagrams, pictures and their captions
  • read bolded words
  • make sure you are aware of what you are reading (mind isn’t wondering)
  • make visual images of what you read
  • ask yourself questions about what you read
  • read over if you don’t understand
  • refer to internet sites
  • make notes on one paragraph at a time
 Time Management

  • make a list of everything that needs to be done
  • prioritize work
  • make a plan and stick to it
  • break up large pieces of work/assignments into smaller chunks
  • check it off as it is done
  • start things when assigned
  • take a 5 min break every 45-60 min
  • pack knapsack the night before
 Catch up When You’re Behind or Have Been Away

  • ask teacher(s) for missed work
  • get someone to bring work to you
  • ask teacher(s) for help
  • ask teacher(s) for upcoming due dates/tests
  • ask teacher(s) for priority of work to be completed (prolonged absence)
 Listening in Class

  • active listening (don’t let your mind wonder or talk to others)
  • ask questions to clarify
  • keep an open mind to what is being discussed