Lunch & After School Programs

A variety of lunch-time and after-school programs are offered for Grades 1 – 8 through selected suppliers, and covers a variety of art, sports and STEM based programming. Programs are usually 8 weeks in length and run from 11:35 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. at lunch-time, or 3:30 p.m. to 4:40 p.m. after-school.

Full schedules are available for registration within the first two weeks of each term and course minimums do apply for certain courses to run. All schedules will be available on this website, together with details of the registration requirements and payment information. Popular courses from the last school year include; Plush Emojis, Arts, Computer Coding, Lego, Science Explorers, Magic, Martial Arts and Indoor Soccer, to name a few.

Lunch-time and After-school programs – Fall 2019

Programs will start the week of October 15th and run for 8 weeks. 
Additional information and registration links are below.

All programs will run pending TDSB permits and minimum class size requirement.

If you would like to enroll your child in any of the programs and finances present a barrier to involvement, please speak with either Ms. Sandler. The discussion will be held in confidence.

Please note: All students from gr 1 will be picked up from their classrooms by instructors as the bell rings for lunch break (11:35) or the end of the school (3:30). At the end of the lunch program (12:40), grade 1 students will be taken back to their classrooms by the instructors. Students from grade 2 and up will find their own way to the program location and back to their classrooms. Kids will eat their lunch at the program location prior to the start of the program.

All students in after school programs need to be picked up by their parents/caregivers at 4:40 at the program location. Parents of students in older grades who walk home on their own, need to provide this information to the instructors.

Use the following link to register for Chess:

Fall 2019 Lunch and After School Schedule


  • Registration starts on Friday, September 20
  • Registration is first come, first served.
  • Registration is online with the provider (vendor) DIRECTLY
  • If you would like to enroll your child in any of the programs and finances present a barrier to involvement, please speak with either Ms Sandler, Mr Sanders or Ms Berger.
  • The School Office cannot process any registrations, nor answer any questions on the courses.

If you have any questions please email

Registration Information
Arts ExpressProgram: Broadway Creations (gr 2-5)
Program: Babysitting (gr 4-8)
Registration: Online
BPC Art SchoolBrochure: I am an architect (gr 2-5),
Be an art explorer (gr 1-4)
Registration Form: BPC Registration Form
Email form to
CodezillaBrochure: Game Maker (gr 2-5),
Tech Toys (gr 1-3)
Registration: Online
CCSAProgram: Creative Art! (gr 1-6)
Registration: Online
Explore it!Program:
Adventures@Hogwarts (gr 2-5),
Chem-Mystery (gr 1-4) and
Stuffed Minis & Plush Emojis (gr 1-4)
Registration: Online
FundamentalzProgram: Video Game Design (gr 1-4)
Registration: Online
Logics Academy

Program: Young Inventors: Aerospace
Registration: Online
Martial Arts 4 LunchBrochure: Fall 2019 (gr 1-6)
Registration: Online
Extra EdBrochure: Money Managers 2019 (gr 4-8)
Registration: Online
SpellbindingProgram: Spellbinding Science and Magic
Registration: Online (gr 1-6)

TAC Sports
Program: Indoor Soccer
Registration: Online (gr 1-6)