Special Education

Special Education in the TDSB

Special Education programming helps all students reach their full potential. Our schools offer a wide range of supports and services for students and their families.

The TDSB is committed to ensuring that:

  • All students with exceptionalities are welcomed, included and supported in our schools
  • Intensive programs and supports for students with unique strengths and needs are available in sites across the TDSB
  • Effective collaboration and problem solving between staff, parents and students is a priority
  • Our facilities are fully accessible to students, families, staff and the community whenever possible
  • Research and effective practice guide us in our efforts to better serve our students

Parents Guide to Special Education (download the guide here)

The parents Guide to Special Education is designed to provide parents with information about the Special Education Program Recommendation Committee (SEPRC) process, the Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) process, and to set out the procedures involved in identifying and placing a studetn who is exceptional.

The Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC)

The Identification, Placement and Review Committee is composed of at least three people, one of whom must be a Principal or TDSB supervisory officer. Other members may include teachers, consultants, coordinators, vice principals or TDSB psychologists.
The committee meets with parents to:

  • Decide whether or not the student should be identified as exceptional
  • Identify areas of exceptionality
  • Decide an appropriate placement for the student
  • Review the identification and placement at least once in each school year