Home and School Membership 2023/2024

Please complete the form below if you volunteer with the Northlea Home and School.

Home and School Family Membership 2023/2024

Attention Northlea parent volunteers: The Northlea Home & School Association is a member of The Ontario Federation of Home & School Associations (OFHSA). Our school’s Association membership contributes to the continued operation and advocacy of the Federation in it’s commitment to informed and proactive involvement in our homes, our schools and our communities to obtain “the Best for Each Student” (from OFHSA’s Mission Statement). We encourage members of the parent community at Northlea who volunteer their time for H&S events to obtain a membership. The benefits are numerous and include personal liability insurance coverage while participating in sanctioned H&S activities, voting privileges at H&S meetings, access to the OFHSA Annual meeting and conferences, and more. The Northlea Home & School Association will cover the costs of these membership fees on your behalf.

  • ** Only ONE membership is required PER family (up to 2 parents/guardians under the same address) **

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