Code of Conduct

Northlea Elementary & Middle School is committed to creating a positive learning atmosphere in which all students have the opportunity to receive an education through which they may achieve their potential.  Our goal is to assist children to assume responsibility for their own behaviour by developing a sense of mutual trust, respect and responsibility.  Through the partnership of home, school and the community we can create a safe, caring and responsible learning community for all students.

Northlea’s present Code of Conduct centers on the “High Five” rules. These rules are:

  1. Treat all people with respect and consideration.  Speak politely.
  2. Walk in an orderly manner when entering and exiting the school, on the stairs, and in the halls.
  3. Work and play co-operatively and safely with everyone.
  4. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  5. Respect our environment. Keep our school clean and litter free.

Responsibilities of Pupils

Responsibilities of Teachers and Staff

Responsibilities of Parents  

  • show respect for themselves, for others, and for those in authority
  • obey Northlea’s Code of Conduct and Dress Code
  • be courteous to everyone
  • resolve conflicts and difficulties through peaceful means
  • strive to have a positive attitude towards self and school by contributing as much as possible to the life of Northlea EMS
  • respect the right of everyone to a school environment which is free from fear, prejudice, and distraction
  • respect the property of fellow students, the school and community
  • attend regularly and punctually
  • be prepared for school by bringing necessary materials  and completing all assignments on time
  • demonstrate respect for all students, staff, parents, volunteers, and the members of the school comunity
  • implement Northlea’s Code of Conduct and Dress Code
  • be positive role models
  • establish and maintain a school environment conducive to learning
  • encourage each pupil to work to his or her maximum potential academically and socially
  • approach the education of the student in a just and fair manner
  • communicate information on the behaviour and progress of  pupils to parents and administrators
  • identify pupils with special needs and involve appropriate personnel and parents/guardians
  • encourage and demonstrate appropriate means of handling anger and dealing with conflict
  • show respect for the Principal and school staff
  • support Northlea’s Code of Conduct and Dress Code
  • be positive role models
  • encourage self-discipline and the development of responsibility at home, at school and in the community
  • encourage each child to work to the best of his or her potential, academically and socially
  • take time to listen, talk, and read with your child
  • ensure that each child attends school regularly and punctually; call Safe Arrival at 416-396-3775 to inform the school of absence or late arrival
  • inform school staff of any special circumstances which may affect a pupil’s progress and/or behaviour
  • encourage and demonstrate appropriate means of handling anger and dealing with conflict

Electronic Devices

All communication devices (cell phones, IPODS, Video Games, etc.) must be powered off and stored out of view during instructional class and other areas of the school unless otherwise authorized by the Principal. This policy extends to school organized activities and excursions off school property. Students may be subject to disciplinary action if they use electronic means to intimidate, harm, exclude or ruin a reputation – which includes the use of emails and instant messaging, text or digital imaging sent on cell phones, web pages and web blogs, chat rooms and discussion groups. If communication is urgent between a parent and child, an Office phone will always be available.

Code of Online Conduct

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is committed to providing students with access to the Internet through the Board’s computer network.  The Internet is a rich source of information and opportunities to enhance student learning.  However, increased access to the Internet raises issues that must be addressed and understood.

The Toronto District School Board has addressed these issues through an Code of On-line Conduct which applies to students, staff, and all other users of electronic resources accessed through the facilities of the TDSB including the Internet. This Code of On-line Conduct includes sections covering Personal Safety Rules, Unacceptable Sites and Materials, Use Guidelines, Prohibited Uses and Activities, On-line Publishing, and Liability. It is available on the TDSB Web site at or upon request from the school administration.

The Board expects that students will be responsible in their use of the Internet through the facilities provided by the Board.

Wireless Use Policy

320px-11wifiWe are excited to let you know that Northlea is now a wireless environment. This will provide the school with an opportunity to support and enhance your child’s learning.

Students accessing the wireless network with any device are reminded that they must at all times abide by the TDSB Code of Internet Use. Students may only use electronic equipment in the classroom. Devices are not permitted to be used in the halls or in other areas of the school including the schoolyard. The use is for educational purposes only and subject to the discretion and direction of the teacher.

Students in Grades five to eight are permitted to bring in computers for use in school. They are reminded that they are solely responsible for their equipment; the school cannot be responsible for lost or stolen devices, nor do we have storage facilities. Students are expected to put any electronic devices in their locker for safe keeping while they are being used at school.

Students in Grade four may bring in a device to support their learning only after consultation with their classroom teacher. Students in Grades 1 to 3 are not permitted to bring personal electronic devices to school.

For our purposes a computer is defined as any electronic device that can access the wireless network. Do not leave personal computers unattended in classrooms, common areas, or lockers.

Students who are using their personal computers in such a way that is not permitted under the TDSB Code of Internet Use will be asked to shut down their computers and may be subject to further disciplinary action.

Failure to adhere to the school’s policy for use of personal electronic devices may result in a range of consequences including communication with parents, confiscation of the device and suspension.

Northlea’s Dress Code

Northlea has a modest dress code.  Students are expected to dress in an age-appropriate manner consistent with a focused, positive learning environment.

  1. Boots, hats or hoods, coats and other outdoor attire are to be worn outdoors only.
  2. Clothing with inappropriate language, messages or images may not be worn.
  3. Micro-minis and micro-shorts may not be worn.
  4. Midriffs and undergarments must be covered (including bra straps).
  5. Revealing tops and those with low necklines may not be worn.
  6. Beach wear (including tops with large armholes) may not be worn.
  7. Shoes must be worn in the school at all times.
  8. Shorts/track pants, t-shirts (preferably Northlea garments) and running shoes must be worn for Physical Education.

Clothing deemed inappropriate will be addressed by the full staff including the administration.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviour

Teachers and/or administration may impose any of the following specific consequences as necessary.

  1. verbal reprimand and/or warning
  2. written behaviour contract by student
  3. withdrawal of privileges
  4. informal or formal interview between any or all of student, teacher, principal or parent/guardian
  5. detention or temporary removal from the class
  6. letter or call by pupil, teacher, or administration to parent/guardian
  7. involvement of School Team, support staff and/or outside agencies
  8. community service
  9. replacement or payment for lost or damaged property
  10. formal suspension in keeping with board policy