Lunch Program

Healthy Lunch BoxGiven the physical size of our school and the number of students enrolled, Northlea encourages those families who are able to send their children home for lunch to please do so. The South Gym as a Lunch Room is not designed to be able to accommodate every child at the school, but Northlea will provide supervision to those children who stay at school for lunch. In addition, we also found that students tend to eat more at home. We observe many lunches thrown into the garbage at school and/or students eating only the desserts of their lunch. Poor eating habits make it difficult for students to concentrate fully on their school work.

Northlea provides supervision to those students who stay at school for lunch. Parents have the choice of having their children stay at school each and every day or just when participating in lunch activities such as choir, chess or other extra-curricular programs offered at lunchtime. All parents are expected to complete a Lunch Program Registration Form at the start of the year to indicate their preference. For safety reasons, a note must be handed in to your child’s teacher if your child is to be absent from the lunch program on a day when they would normally be in attendance.

Our school has a Boomerang or Litter-less Lunch Program. Please send your child’s food and beverages in reusable, (i.e. thermos) or recyclable containers (i.e., plastic and/or aluminum bottles) wherever possible. Students will be asked to take all garbage items home with them. During the lunch period, students are expected to show proper table manners and act in a manner that is safe and respectful towards other students and the supervisors. Students are expected to clear their own tables. If students are unable to follow the rules and routines of the lunchroom, parents will be notified and alternate arrangements will be made. If you wish to apply to a space in the lunchroom program, please complete and sign the form enclosed in this package.

There is a school cafeteria where children can purchase lunches, snacks and drinks. It is your responsibility to provide a lunch or money for your child(ren) to purchase one. The Office does not lend money to children to buy their lunches. Students who do stay for lunch are expected to follow Northlea’s Code of Conduct as outlined on page 8. Parents/caregivers are requested to review and explain these rules to their children. We need everyone’s cooperation to make the lunch hour safe. Students who are unable to meet these expectations may be asked to make alternate arrangements over the lunch period.

Please review the following routines the children are expected to follow for lunchtime routines.

  1. Wait for bell to ring at 11:35. Bring your lunch and your outdoor clothes (e.g., jackets, boots, hats, mitts, etc.) with you. Go to the bathroom and get a drink if necessary. You will not be permitted to go back to your cubby or locker during lunch.
  2. The two designated lunch bin carrier students from each class (i.e., assigned by each Homeroom teacher) will get the class lunch bin and carry it to the North Gym for grades 4-8 and place it on the stage, and along the wall in front of Room 117 for grades 1-3 classes.
  3. Sit at your designated lunch table, organized by class.
  4. Line up on left side of Food Servery if you are in Grades 3-8 and right side if you are in Grades 1-2.
  5. Do not wander around the lunchroom or visit students at other tables. Remain seated at your assigned table until your class is dismissed by the lunch room supervisors.
  6. Talk quietly to your friends.
  7. Bathroom visits should be done before coming to the lunchroom. However, if it is an emergency, ask for permission and a Bathroom pass from the lunchroom supervisor to go to the bathroom and take a friend with you. Upon your return let the supervisor know that you are back and return the Bathroom Pass.
  8. Northlea is an EcoSchool. The EcoSchools Certification process helps Northlea take stock of our environmental practices, with an eye to setting goals for future improvement. Teachers help their students learn about litter and anti-litter behaviour by encouraging students to bring in waste-free lunches. Take all garbage home with you in your lunch bag (i.e., litter-less lunch) unless you ate at the Food Servery; in which case put the garbage in the appropriate garbage/recycling can.
  9. Wait to be dismissed by class. Do not go upstairs or in any other hallway but the Northeast Hallway and exit from the North East doors.
  10. Once outside, do not come inside unless it is a real emergency. All bathroom visits and drinks should have been taken prior to sitting down in the lunchroom. If you must come inside, ask for permission and a Bathroom Pass from the supervisor and take a friend. Tell the supervisor and return the Bathroom Pass when you return outside.
  11. Students who stay for lunch must remain on school property for the entire lunch.
  12. Students who normally stay for lunch must bring a note to their homeroom teacher if they will be absent on any day. Lunch arrangements with friends must be made prior to the day of the lunch.
  13. Money will not be given to students who forget their lunch.
  14. Students delivering attendance to the Office will pick up the lunch bin from the hallway or library area and deliver the bin back to their classroom.
  15. Teachers or student monitors will make sure lunch bins are emptied at the end of the day.
  16. All lunch bags must be labelled in permanent marker with the student’s name.

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