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The playground is the property of the Toronto District School Board and is under school jurisdiction during the school day. The community has access to the playground outside of the school day. The schoolyard is supervised before school from 8:35 to 8:45, following dismissal from the lunch program, and recess periods.  Kindergarten supervision is 8:35 – 8:45 for the morning session and 12:40 -12:50 for the afternoon session in the designated playground at the front of the school.  The Junior/Intermediate climber at the South End of the school is for students in Grades 4 – 8.  The Primary climber at the North End of the school is for students in Grades 1 – 3.

Scooters, Roller Blades, Bicycles and Skateboards are not to be used on school property between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

No dog SignKINDLY RESPECT THAT DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE SCHOOL PROPERTY AT ANY TIME. It is a health and safety concern. Additionally, with the effort the community has put into raising money to redo our field, it is our desire to maintain it for as long as possible. This includes eliminating all dog excrement. In addition, dogs on school property during the school day pose a potential safety issue for children.  Furthermore, dogs should never be left tied up and unattended at any of the school fences.


Lost & Found

Northlea Home & School Association maintains a Lost & Found box located in the lower hallway between the North and South gyms. Please check the lost and found regularly for any lost items.  During the third week of each month, unclaimed items will be displayed on tables between the North & South Gyms. All classes will visit the tables during this week to claim items. At the end of the fourth week, the items will be donated to a worthy cause.

Please label all items with a last name and phone number.

Birthday Treats (NEW POLICY)

While recognizing birthdays and school events are important to the students at Northlea we felt it was necessary to ensure that we are not having an excess or abundance of unsafe and unhealthy food products at Northlea.

Birthday treats are not permitted into your child’s classroom. Parents or Caregivers are welcome to donate a book to the library or to your child’s class to honour their birthday.

This Policy is applicable to students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Illness, Injury & Medications

To safeguard the health of others, we ask that any child who feels ill be kept at home. There is no in-school care for ill students. When students become ill, parents will be notified to make arrangements for their care. In the case of communicable diseases parents are requested to notify the Office as soon as possible so public health measures can be taken. In some cases, a letter will be sent home to the students based on TDSB and Toronto Public Health policies.

Minor injuries such as minor cuts and bruises will be treated at school. For more severe injuries, we take steps to ensure timely treatment, including ambulance services if needed. We notify parents and/or emergency contacts in the case of more serious injuries.

Parents of students who have ongoing medical conditions that require medications (i.e., EpiPen, inhalers, or prescription drugs) must notify the Office and the teacher to complete the appropriate forms for administration of medication during school hours as required by the Toronto District School Board.

Intergenerational Teaching Learning Community Program

The Intergenerational Teaching Learning Community Program (ITLC) is run by Community Care East York for the purpose of promoting interaction between students and seniors. It is run with the Grade 5 teachers and students every year. Students work with seniors on a particular craft or hobby once a week for a period of six weeks. The students can choose among a wide variety of activities that may change from year to year. During previous ITLC’s, students have engaged in activities such as: photography, knitting, woodworking and teddy bear making. They complete their craft by the end of the six weeks. Grade five parents support this program by providing snacks for our senior volunteers.

Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) are an elected body of students who with the assistance of a staff advisor “advance the social and civic development of the school body, promote school spirit and pride and provide for an exchange of ideas among the faculty and students.”  Each Grade 4 to 8 class has one female and one male representative who will meet to discuss school issues, come up with solutions and organize events to benefit the school and community. The executive council of the SLC will oversee areas such as fundraising, athletics, communication and community.

Locker Policy

Students in grades 5 to 8 are typically assigned a locker at the beginning of the year for their books and belongings. They need to bring a combination lock at the beginning of September and give their locker number and combination to their teacher. Only one student is assigned to each locker. Students may not share lockers and they must only use the locker assigned to them. Locker combinations should not be shared. It is the student’s responsibility to report a change of lock. Locks on unassigned lockers will be removed and the contents emptied. Lockers are school property and school officials have the right to search them when issues of school safety exist. Students are expected to keep their locker relatively clean, neat and free of graffiti. Locker cleanouts will be conducted several times during the year.

WINITS Program

The WINITS program is for the Grade 6, 7 and 8 students. It is in place to help motivate students to become involved in the extra-curricular programs at our school. Students receive a Winit point for their participation in any of the extra-curricular activities offered. Some examples of activities include: Student Leadership Council, Choir, Recycling Club, Office Helpers, Library Monitors, Me to We, Musical, Eco Club and all Sports Teams.  Students can strive to achieve four target levels:

  • 18 points – small Northlea letter
  • 30 points – large Northlea letter
  • 45 points – Northlea plaque
  • 70 points – Northlea trophy

Points are counted and carried over from year-to-year starting in Grade 6. Students receive stickers for the Winit point they earn which is placed on a certificate they take home at the end of each year recognizing them for their participation in extra-curricular activities.