Visitors’ Policy

“Safety First” for our Students

Northlea has a Visitors’ Policy to ensure the safety of our students and staff. It is monitored and reviewed every year. The Visitors’ Policy has many purposes.

  • To enhance the safety of the students, staff and volunteers at Northlea, while maintaining a welcoming environment where parents are encouraged to participate in school life.
  • To easily identify visitors, volunteers and parents in the school.
  • To help teachers identify possible intruders in the school.
  • To provide administration with the names of people in the school in case of an emergency.

Procedure:  After 9:00 a.m. all doors, are locked for safety reasons. Please come to the NORTH DOORS and ring the buzzer. Every visitor entering Northlea during school hours is required to sign-in at the Office and pick up a visitor’s tag to wear for the duration of their visit. Please remember to sign-out at the Office and return your visitor tag before you leave.