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Concussion Courses

Parachute is pleased to announce it has launched a series of online concussion courses, directed towards players, parents and educators. You will find these courses at Parachute’s website.

Sports are a great way for children and youth to get exercise, make friends and learn important life lessons. However, 40% of head injuries in children aged 10 to 14 occur during sport.

Concussion is an invisible brain injury that cannot be seen by an x-ray, MRI, or CT scan. Coaches, teachers, parents, teammates and medical professionals cannot diagnose concussed players just by looking at them. The Parachute online concussion courses, all priced at just $14.99, give players, parents and educators the tools and resources they need to prevent, recognize and manage concussion.

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Parachute Concussion Awareness for Elementary and High School Teachers

The decisions made following an incident that may have caused a concussion are important contributors to the successful recovery of a young player. This course gives teachers and educators the tools and resources they need to understand when to remove a student from play and the classroom. While most young players will recover fully from a concussion, the Return to Play Protocol will help front-line staff identify the signs and symptoms of concussion, establish an environment that encourages complete recovery, and discuss the appropriate timelines and activities related to returning to play and school following a concussion.

Parachute Concussion Awareness for Parents

Parents play a key role in conveying the importance of playing fair and respecting rules, implementing safety policies in sport clubs/teams, and raising awareness about the injuries that can happen during sport. An understanding of injury prevention strategies will help parents educate their children, and those who work with their children, about how to prevent and manage concussions.

With the aim of addressing misconceptions about concussion, both in sport and the classroom, this course provides parents with an opportunity to examine concussion and each step of the Return to Play Protocol. At the completion of the course, parents will be able to identify the signs and symptoms associated with concussion, explain why a child with a suspected concussion must be removed from play immediately, and understand the importance of having the injured child be seen by a doctor.

Parachute Concussion Awareness for Players

Contributing to living a long life that is free of injury, players must know how to stay safe during sport and physical activity. Being educated about concussion means being able to identify players with suspected concussion and supporting decisions that encourage complete recovery, such as removing injured players from the game or classroom.

This course provides players with the knowledge they need to prevent and manage concussion in sport and school. This includes understanding what happens to the brain during concussion, learning the signs and symptoms, how to rest and recover from concussion, and the importance of following the Return to Play Protocol.