2021/22 Northlea Signup

STEP 1: Class list and Home & School (H&S) Communications Sign up

What is a Class list? The class list is a list of students from each class that is distributed so parents/guardians can be in contact with each other.

Why sign up for Communications? The H&S Communications team prepare weekly communications about school happenings, fundraising initiatives and include a quick calendar of events/school happenings for the month.

STEP 2: Home and School Family Membership

Why sign up for a Home and School Family Membership? We kindly ask all families to purchase a Home and School Membership annually with the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations (OFSHA). The annual $25 membership fee covers all family members in one household and provides liability insurance for volunteers at H&S events, access to publications for parents and other resources.

STEP 3: Class Parent Signup

What is a Class Parent? The role of the class parent is very important! A class parent is responsible for maintaining and distributing the class list as well as organizing class contributions to things like the Holiday Hamper. You are a key link between the teacher and the parents in your child’s class, as well between Northlea Home & School / Council and the other parents. While not overly time-consuming, the class parent takes the lead on important initiatives such as collecting for teacher appreciation gifts, and communicating time-sensitive communications from the Councils and the administration. Please sign up here if you are interested in being a class parent:

STEP 4: Volunteer Signup

What could we possibly volunteer for this year? Good question – this year is definitely going to be different. With some creative thinking there will potentially be some volunteer roles such as remote fundraising, classroom material/literacy preparation.