Barbara Sandler

Barbara Sandler comes to us as the outgoing Vice-Principal of Humewood Community School. She holds a Masters of Educational Administration, and has served as an adjunct professor at York University. In her years in education and administration, she has developed a vast amount of expertise and knowledge in many areas that will directly benefit the students of Northlea EMS. At Humewood, she was instrumental in fostering STEM-based teaching and supporting the growth of French Immersion. She was also active in developing well-being initiatives on mental health awareness, self-confidence, and building healthy relationships. Ms. Sandler started her career as a teacher at Nelson Mandela Park PS and Parkdale PS, where she was a popular and well-regarded educator. Adding to her breadth of experience, she has also been a Middle Years Literacy coordinator, an ESL and Special Education teacher, and an elementary guidance counsellor at several schools.

Ms. Sandler believes in promoting the arts and eco-literacy education. This is displayed by her initiation of the Nurture through Nature initiative and her involvement in the Artist in Residence and Grade 8 Arts Legacy project at Humewood. She partnered with both Staff and Parents on these arts programs, creating a lasting impact on the many students who participated in these important initiatives.

Ms. Sandler wishes to honor and continue traditions already in place here at Northlea and believes that “being in education is very rewarding and it is a privilege to be a trusted member of the community”.

Lynda Waters

Ms. Waters is an experienced educator, who has worked in a number of schools, most recently as Vice-Principal at Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy. Lynda values working collaboratively with staff, students and parents and possesses the knowledge and skills to promote student success. She is passionate about student and parent voice and works tirelessly to build relationships with all stakeholders. Lynda has strong instructional practices that are steeped in 21st -Century learning and Global Competencies.

Monica Carey

Monica Carey is an experienced educator with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) for over 15 years.  Her most recent experiences include supporting several schools as a Special Education Inclusion Consultant and Consultant on the TDSB’s Autism Team.  Monica has taught students in primary, junior, and in intermediate settings. She graduated with a Masters in Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) in 2012 and has published papers in academic journals. Prior to her career with the board, Monica developed a day program for individuals who have dual-diagnoses in a residential program. She is currently a facilitator for Special Education Additional Qualification courses at OISE.  Monica is committed to working with students, staff and families to support student learning, achievement and well-being.