Home & School / Council Meetings

This year’s Home and School Council/Association meetings will be held via video conference using Zoom. The meeting invitation will be sent out through Northlea School Administration ahead of the meeting. Below please find our list of Home and School meetings for this school year:

Tuesday, December 1, 2020- 7:00pm
Tuesday, February 9, 2021- 7:00pm
Tuesday, April 13, 2021- 7:00pm
Tuesday, June 8, 2021- 7:00pm

7:00 PM

2019/2020 School Year

8:45 AM
Discussion with parents who bus their children to Northlea hosted @ Thorncliffe Park School
6:30 PM
November meetingdocx
9:00 AM
ISP Program Parent Roundtable
Generation Innovation
Northlea Let’s Talk
Inclusion of ISP Classroom update
2:30 pm
Remote updates from Administration and Home and Schoooldocx

2018/2019 School Year

2019/06/19Funding Model Change,
Home and School Openings
2019/06/04Funding Proposalsdocxdocx
2019/04/04Generation Innovation update,
Staffing model
2019/02/20African Inventors, School Update,
Fundraising, Kiss and Ride
2018/11/29EQAO, Facilities Updatedocxdocx
Date Topics Agenda Minutes Reports
2017/2018 School Year
2018/06/20 Staff Sargeant Moyer Visit PDF PDF  
2018/05/29 Funding Proposals PDF PDF  
2018/04/19 Concussions, Upcoming events and open executive positions PDF PDF  
2018/02/06 Reading Specialist, PRO Grant, Playground PDF PDF  
2017/11/22 Google Initiatives PDF PDF  
2017/10/17 EQAO Results, Fundraising, Open positions PDF PDF  
2016/2017 School Year
2017/06/26 AGM PDF PDF  
2017/06/19 Funding Proposals PDF PDF  
2017/04/12 School Model, STEM, Pizza Lunch PDF PDF  
2017/01/30 Growth Mindset, KnR, Fundraising PDF PDF  
2016/11/24 EQAO Results & School Improvement Plan/Equity Priorities; Safety PDF PDF  
2016/10/19 Administration update; Student scheduling & anxiety; fundraising & activities PDF PDF  
2015/2016 School Year
2016/06/23 Community Disbursement, New Slate PDF PDF  
2016/06/08 Nut Safe Policy, Funding Proposals PDF PDF  
2016/04/12 School Model PDF PDF  
2016/03/23 French Immersion PDF PDF  
2016/01/28 Traffic Safety PDF PDF  
2015/11/26 Fix Our Schools, School Improvement Plan PDF PDF  
2015/10/15 Program Area Review, Labour Situation, Safe Travel Planning PDF PDF  
2014/2015 School Year
2015/06/15 AGM   PDF  
2015/04/07 2015/2016 School Model PDF    
2015/01/21 Concussions PDF PDF  
2014/11/27 EQAO Results and the School Improvement Plan PDF PDF  
2014/10/16 School Safety PDF PDF  
2013/2014 School Year
2014/06/12 AGM/Annual General Meeting; year in Review; Executive Election; Community Disbursements PDF PDF  
2014/05/15 Funding proposals PDF PDF  
2014/04/03 School Model for 2014/15 DOC PDF   
2014/02/04 School Budget, 2014/15 planning PDF DOC  
2013/11/21 EQAO, Reading and Writing Literacy plan for 2013/14 onwards PDF PDF  
2013/10/16 Anti-Bullying PDF  PDF  
2012/2013 School Year
2013/06/12 AGM/Annual General Meeting: year in Review; Executive Election PDF PDF  
2013/05/16 Funding Allocation PDF PDF  
2013/04/10 School Model 2013/14 planning PDF PDF  
2013/1/30 EQAO, SIP, Labour unrest PDF PDF  
2012/11/22 School Statement of Needs, School Improvement Plan PDF PDF  
2012/10/03 First H&S / Council Meeting PDF PDF  
2011/2012 School Year
2011/09/29 First H&S / Council Meeting PDF PDF School SupportCommunity Events
2011/11/24 Budget, Funding Proposals PDF PDF School SupportCommunity Events
2012/01/25 Teaching Learning Critical Pathways, EQAO, Supports for children with IEPs and the School Improvement Plan (SIP) PDF PDF SIP Overview
2012/03/22 Funding Allocation PDF PDF  
2012/04/23 School Model PDF PDF  
2012/06/14 AGM PDF PDF  
2010/2011 School Year
2011/06/07 AGM PDF PDF CAT, School Support