Home & School / Council Meetings

Please join us at our Home and School meeting on Wednesday, November 6th @ 6:30 PM.  

Below please find our list of Home and School meetings for this school year:

  1. October 22nd – 8:45 AM – post bus departure  – Discussion with parents who bus their children to Northlea hosted @ Thorncliffe Park School
  2. November 6th – 6:30 PM @ Northlea in the School Library
  3.  November 8th – 9:00 AM @ Northlea in the School Library – ISP Program Parent Roundtable
  4.  February 19th – 2:30 PM  @ Northlea in the School Library
  5. April 6th – 8:35 AM  @ Northlea in the School Library
  6. May – Date TBD – 6:30 PM  @ Northlea in the School Library
  7. Annual General Meeting – Time TBD – Post or pre volunteer breakfast perhaps.

We are working to ensure that there are many parents able to participate in these discussions.  You will notice that we are introducing a few new meeting times (8:35 am and 2:30 pm) and even certain thematic meetings.  We hope this approach will open up new opportunities for parent perspectives to be shared.

2018/2019 School Year

2019/06/19Funding Model Change,
Home and School Openings
2019/06/04Funding Proposalsdocxdocx
2019/04/04Generation Innovation update,
Staffing model
2019/02/20African Inventors, School Update,
Fundraising, Kiss and Ride
2018/11/29EQAO, Facilities Updatedocxdocx
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2017/2018 School Year
2018/06/20 Staff Sargeant Moyer Visit PDF PDF  
2018/05/29 Funding Proposals PDF PDF  
2018/04/19 Concussions, Upcoming events and open executive positions PDF PDF  
2018/02/06 Reading Specialist, PRO Grant, Playground PDF PDF  
2017/11/22 Google Initiatives PDF PDF  
2017/10/17 EQAO Results, Fundraising, Open positions PDF PDF  
2016/2017 School Year
2017/06/26 AGM PDF PDF  
2017/06/19 Funding Proposals PDF PDF  
2017/04/12 School Model, STEM, Pizza Lunch PDF PDF  
2017/01/30 Growth Mindset, KnR, Fundraising PDF PDF  
2016/11/24 EQAO Results & School Improvement Plan/Equity Priorities; Safety PDF PDF  
2016/10/19 Administration update; Student scheduling & anxiety; fundraising & activities PDF PDF  
2015/2016 School Year
2016/06/23 Community Disbursement, New Slate PDF PDF  
2016/06/08 Nut Safe Policy, Funding Proposals PDF PDF  
2016/04/12 School Model PDF PDF  
2016/03/23 French Immersion PDF PDF  
2016/01/28 Traffic Safety PDF PDF  
2015/11/26 Fix Our Schools, School Improvement Plan PDF PDF  
2015/10/15 Program Area Review, Labour Situation, Safe Travel Planning PDF PDF  
2014/2015 School Year
2015/06/15 AGM   PDF  
2015/04/07 2015/2016 School Model PDF    
2015/01/21 Concussions PDF PDF  
2014/11/27 EQAO Results and the School Improvement Plan PDF PDF  
2014/10/16 School Safety PDF PDF  
2013/2014 School Year
2014/06/12 AGM/Annual General Meeting; year in Review; Executive Election; Community Disbursements PDF PDF  
2014/05/15 Funding proposals PDF PDF  
2014/04/03 School Model for 2014/15 DOC PDF   
2014/02/04 School Budget, 2014/15 planning PDF DOC  
2013/11/21 EQAO, Reading and Writing Literacy plan for 2013/14 onwards PDF PDF  
2013/10/16 Anti-Bullying PDF  PDF  
2012/2013 School Year
2013/06/12 AGM/Annual General Meeting: year in Review; Executive Election PDF PDF  
2013/05/16 Funding Allocation PDF PDF  
2013/04/10 School Model 2013/14 planning PDF PDF  
2013/1/30 EQAO, SIP, Labour unrest PDF PDF  
2012/11/22 School Statement of Needs, School Improvement Plan PDF PDF  
2012/10/03 First H&S / Council Meeting PDF PDF  
2011/2012 School Year
2011/09/29 First H&S / Council Meeting PDF PDF School SupportCommunity Events
2011/11/24 Budget, Funding Proposals PDF PDF School SupportCommunity Events
2012/01/25 Teaching Learning Critical Pathways, EQAO, Supports for children with IEPs and the School Improvement Plan (SIP) PDF PDF SIP Overview
2012/03/22 Funding Allocation PDF PDF  
2012/04/23 School Model PDF PDF  
2012/06/14 AGM PDF PDF  
2010/2011 School Year
2011/06/07 AGM PDF PDF CAT, School Support