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Northlea 3 ply masks

Northlea Masks are here!!

Outfit your whole family in our new, sleek Northlea masks!There are 3 sizes to choose from for you and...

PRO Grant Speaker: CANVAS’ Gender Equity Parent Training, April 21st @ 7pm

The Northlea parent and guardian community is invited to attend CANVAS' Gender Equity Parent Training Wednesday, April 21st. The training will be...

Virtual Coffee Meeting with Trustee Rachel Chernos Lin: Wed. Apr. 28, 9:30am

These "coffee" events are casual conversations about ward 11 and the TDSB. There are often superintendents and sometimes even principals who drop by, so...

Northlea Family Trivia Night!

Northlea’s annual Date Knight is back! Join us for an evening out filled with delicious local food and drinks ping pong tournament and guaranteed laughs with our Northlea friends. Silent auction and some extra special activities make this a night you don’t want to miss.

Meetings of School Council and H&S Association: Wed. Apr 7 @ 6:45pm

You are invited to join the Home and School Association/Council meeting on Wednesday, April 7 at 6:45pm. The meeting will be hosted on Zoom.
Photo Challenge

Family Photo Challenge

This is a special launch day for the Northlea Family Fun-Raising Photo Challenge! Which starts RIGHT NOW! Fundraising with our Northlea...

H&S/Council Sign-up

Welcome to/back to Northlea School! This message is brought to you by the Northlea Home & School Association and Northlea School Council Northlea has two...