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Donate to Northlea when you buy from these companies.

labelsDo you need a strategy for making sure your lost items come back?? Get your personalized Northlea labels here: $5 from each sale goes back to the school!
Mabels Labels:
  • Fun, durable, personalized labels for kids – you’ll be amazed at what you can label!

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Northlea Home and School receives 20% on each sale.
  • To order, click here.
    Spirit Wear through entripyshops:
  • 15% Discount Code BTS15 – valid from August 26th – October 1st 2019
Family Reading Program:
Order magazines for the whole family through the new Family Reading Program Magazine Fundraiser. Choose from a selection of your family’s interests, from Animals and Pets to Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Science and Technology, Business, Parenting, Travel and more! 

Don’t delay, order today! But note that this is available for you all year! All ordering is through the Family Reading Program Northlea Fundraising Page: If you have any questions about this program, please contact Alison Dixon  or Allison Maselli.  
FlipGive is a website that allows supporters to do online shopping AND shop for Gift Cards all while giving back to our school! Simply go through the Northlea link listed below. This will take you to the FlipGive fundraising page specific to Northlea Home and School. Click the retailer of your choice and start shopping or purchase gift cards.

 A percentage of every dollar spent goes back to the Northlea Home & School Association, but varies from store to store as well as varies on gift cards versus just shopping. For example, on FlipGive, if you buy a gift card for Indigo, the donation to the school is of a higher percentage through the purchase of Indigo Gift Cards than it is just by shopping for items at Indigo through the site.Gift cards can be emailed in paper form to make gift giving super easy or easy to redeem if you want to buy a gift card and then use it right away. You will find many popular retailers such as Indigo, Apple and Sykzone, to name just a few.
To get shopping on FlipGive, click: here.

You can now order gift cards online and have them delivered straight to your home. This is a great opportunity to buy gift cards and support our school as well as give back while you do your everyday shopping. With gas stations, grocery stores and shops like Canadian Tire, Winners and Home Sense as partners, you can literally find something for everyone on your list and look after your household all the while supporting your school!

 Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to the Fundscrip Page by clicking here:
  2. Select “Support a Group”
  3. enter the Group Invitation Code: GVGNLT (this will identify you as wanting to support Northlea)
  4. you will be asked to set up a personal login
  5. start shopping and choose “Direct Shipping” so that your order will ship to your address

Please note, credit card payments are subject to a merchant charge which will come out of the amount donated to us. If you choose “online billing”, there is no charge and the school will receive a full donation. Therefore, we ask families to set up online billing if they can, so that Northlea H&S earns as much as possible. With online billing, an email is sent within minutes and you simply pay your bill through online banking.