Home & School Council/Association Sign-up 2023/2024


The Northlea Home and School Association and Northlea School Council welcomes you all to the 2023/2024 school year.

Northlea school has two parent organizations, the Northlea Home and School Association (“H & S”), as well as the Northlea School Council (“S/C”); both work closely in conjunction with the school administration to seek parent and teacher involvement during the school year.
  • The Northlea H&S is primarily focused on fundraising. The H&S organizes fundraising events such as the Welcome Back Fall Fair and Spring Fling. 
  • The Northlea School Coucil (S/C) focuses on issues related to school. The S/C liaises between parents and the school on a variety of issues such as curriculum and safety.
Together, these two organizations, along with Northlea administration, hold public meetings approximately 6 times/year. We welcome volunteers and parent involvement at all levels, and hope to see many new and returning faces at our meetings this year.

Stay Informed: Class Lists, Events, Meetings, Newsletters and More!

The Northlea H&S requires that families sign-up online for all communications, including classroom lists and newsletters. You can start the sign up process by clicking below and make sure your family stays informed! You can also sign-up to be a class parent and volunteer. 

Click here to start the sign up process

It is important that all Northlea families complete the online communication sign-up by Friday, October 20, 2023. 
Important note: Even if you are currently receiving our updates, you must still fill out the 2023/2024 online forms as this is an annual confirmation process.
Should you have any questions regarding the online forms, please do not hesitate to contact us at homeandschool@northleaschool.ca