A few of our AMAZING volunteers at Northlea’s Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Home & School needs your involvement!

As the current committee is aging out of Northlea, it’s so important that we grow our team so that we can continue to bring valuable programming, equipment and experiences to our children. Things like: Forest of reading, scientist in the school, schoolyard renovation, KM Club, ADHD resources, chromebooks, sports equipment, teacher appreciation events (ETC ETC!) – none of this would happen without parent involvement in Home &School Council. Every year, H&S raises tens of thousands of dollars through Spring Fling, Pizza lunch, Danceathon, Social Series and more.

For the coming 24/25 school year, we have several SIGNIFICANT vacancies. These events will not take place unless new people volunteer to take them on – which would be a terrible blow to the school community.

Please consider joining the team. We do a lot of great work…and we’re a ton of fun (if we don’t mind saying so!)

Please reach out with any questions, homeandschool@northleaschool.ca.


Current chairs Natasha Kent and Teresa Martin are stepping down as there is a four year term limit. We need someone new to come in and steer the ship! Mentorship is provided!! This role is absolutely doable even if you work full-time.

  • Generally lead/oversee the executive team in areas of fundraising, events, communication, finances and all other issues Council is involved in.
  • Organize meetings with Executive; build agendas; facilitate council meeting with a positive outcome.
  • Consult with parents/guardians about activities (fundraisers, parent engagement, etc.)
  • Communicate with the school Principal, Vice-Principal(s) and other TDSB staff on behalf of the council.
  • Act as a consultatory bridge between parents, TDSB and community.
  • Adhere to the voices of the parents and encourage parents to bring their voices forward.


Our fall fair is a community centred event to welcome students and families back for another amazing year.

Pizza, chips, drinks and bouncy castles, all outside, are the focus. There is no fundraising component to this event, it’s just an opportunity to bring the community together.

We need someone new to own planning this event – mentorship will be provided.


We are looking for new leadership to run Spring Fling – a team of people would be ideal!

Role includes oversight of 1) sponsorships 2) logistics (activities and food) 3) booking entertainment and 4) volunteer coordination.

This is a leadership role, and there is significant emphasis on mobilizing volunteers as this is such a big event. It’s more of a team leader situation.

Mentorship/training/files and contacts will be provided! You will receive a playbook for this.


Individual to liaise with the PE staff regarding team try-outs, practice and game schedules and keep parents informed. Communication would be a strength here.

Also, would be great to have this person lead on building our jersey/uniform supply up (in collaboration with H&S and Admin). Funding has already been allocated towards this initiative.


We need someone to own organizing the Staff Holiday Breakfast and the end of year Staff Appreciation lunch (annual events).

Role includes liaising with administration to select dates and mobilizing volunteers to contribute food items.


Our extremely popular Social Series is looking for new leadership.

Role includes leveraging the school parent community to look for event sponsorship and opportunities (like the beaver tail truck, movie night, or yoga with Anna!), as well as connecting with the teachers to organize staff-led events (like soccer with Mr Shizas or the teddy bear picnic!)

The Communications team will support building ticket website and event advertising.

We wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU. We had an amazing fundraising year and we came together as a community and participated in numerous Home and School initiated activities.